Piemonte & Partnerships

– The event will be in Danish
Join us for a glass of Piemonte while greeting our new strategic partner, Ideal Advokatfirma, who will enlighten us with their knowledge and experiences about the topic; partnerships

What should you be aware of when choosing a partner for your company? And what should the potential partner perhaps also be aware of? There are both pros and cons to entering into a partnership, and some of the legal aspects of it, will lawyer and partner; Martin Holm Land give an introduction to at this opening meeting held at Visti Unlimited.

Ideal Advokatfirma will elaborate on some of these pros and cons, and will also along Thomas Visti, share a specific case with us.

Time and place: Wednesday 11th of November 2020. Kl. 15.30-17.00

1. Introduction to Ideal Advokatfirma
2. Introduction to the topic of partnerships.
3. Insight into a case based on Thomas’ experiences.
4. Five good take aways
5. Questions
6. Networking

The event is for residents of Visti Unlimited, as well as for a few selected external partners.

Must be done by email to pt@vistiunlimited.com no later than 6th of November

No show fee: 300 kr.